5 quick tips for your website Google search engine optimization

Tip 1 – Your website needs structure & textual hierarchy for great on page SEO

Your website cannot be built willy nilly and be expected to perform well on the Google search engine. You have to play by Google’s SEO rules and one of those rules is good content structure. You need heading and textual content hierarchy, well placed image and video to take advantage of usability. Structure is important for Google to index your pages appropriately and place in appropriate keyword searches.

Tip 2 – Your images need SEO alt tags

Your images need to be tagged with the appropriate keywords associated with the page they are sitting on. They need to be attached and lead searchers back to your website page if user is using Google image search. Tags enable Google to place your images in appropriate keyword searches. They add quality and content to your web pages and shows your putting in the effort to create well balanced web pages.

Tip 3 – You need original fresh keyword optimized textual content

Your website needs original, well written content based around the users keyword search you want to attract. Do not keyword stuff your pages! Write content is such a way that is easy to read, flows naturally and gives information without the user having to work to hard. Well written keyword based textual content gets read and gets followed. The more time someone spends on your page reading and enjoying your content the more Google gives your pages credence. Remember quality over quantity too!

Tip 4 – Host your video on Youtube

Host your video on YouTube and then embed them on your web pages. This will create links to and from your YouTube channel as well. The more quality links to your pages the better. Your videos need to be interesting and subject appropriate. The time people spend watching video content also tells Google how long they are being engaged on your web page. The better quality and informative the video content, the more satisfied your website user will be! Remember to give your video keyword appropriate titles, descriptions and keywords when you upload them to YouTube.

Tip 5 – Hire a professional!

Spending money on a SEO professional is money well spent. We know what we are doing and how to do it. We live and breath SEO and we know what works and what doesn’t. It saves you time for you to be able to spend time in sales while your website does the marketing and lead gathering 24/7 365. You can try do it yourself, but, if you don’t know why you are doing what to which heading, image, video, keyword, etc, then it can a bust for you. A SEO professional if he/she is a pro will not bs you on potential results. We know what is an appropriate time frame for sites to rank with keywords in Google. We will not lie and say you can be on page on within a week (the common bs you get from many so called SEO professionals/experts). Do not believe SEO hype but do believe it is possible to be found on Google within time.

Author: Simon Hankins – Victory Graphic Design